The Five CS’S

So exactly how does God guide us? Nicky Gumbel in his brilliant book “Questions of Life” talks about the five CS’s.* Circumstantial Signs, Common Sense, Commanding Scripture, Compelling Spirit and Counsel of the Saints. When I was school chaplain at… Read More »The Five CS’S

Guiding Us

How does God guide us? For so many young people this is a burning question. My headmaster said to me, “There are two major decisions everyone faces in life. The first is a decision about who you marry. The second… Read More »Guiding Us

Forgiving Others

If anyone asked you what Jesus emphasised the most in his teaching, what would you say? I think my first response would be “forgiving others”. Why was He adamant that if we did not forgive others, we ourselves would not… Read More »Forgiving Others

Prison to Praise

Shortly after becoming a Christian I came across a book by Merlin Carothers called Prison to Praise.1 In it he tells of his rebellion against God, triggered by the death of his father when he was 12. His service in… Read More »Prison to Praise

More Evidence?

For all the evidence for Jesus, purchase a copy of Evidence for the Christian Faith from subooks.co.za, Takealot or by using the contact form under “Contact“.

More Faith?

I have the privilege of training a group of teenagers to lead their own cells, and we meet once a week on Zoom. Recently one of them asked me whether, if we have more faith, our prayers are more likely… Read More »More Faith?

Eyes on the Lord

So what answer did you come up with? You remember that in my last post I asked the question, “Why did Peter sink?” Not a difficult question! He took his eyes off Jesus and started to focus on the waves.… Read More »Eyes on the Lord