Letting God Love you

One of the most important talks I have ever heard was given by Brent Rue. 

In 1988 my wife and I drove 600 miles from Grahamstown to Johannesburg to attend a Vineyard Conference at which John Wimber and Brent Rue spoke, amongst others. 

It was an amazing conference. 

It was there, I think, that Brent Rue gave a talk on “Letting God Love you.” 

I had a copy of it on cassette tape, now sadly jammed inside a cassette recorder. 

But for some reason I was prompted to search for it on the Internet. 

I not only found a script of the teaching but also managed to download an MP3 of it. 

It so connected with the two posts I wrote recently on “Receiving Christ’s Love” 

Here is the link.


May I heartily commend it to you! 

Please let me know your reactions to the talk. 

God bless you