This book is the memoir of a missionary, not amongst primitive tribes, but amongst
increasingly sophisticated teenagers. Unexpectedly overwhelmed by the intervention of a gracious God as a 34 year old schoolmaster, I began a journey that still has not ended.

Have you ever wondered if you were doing enough for God? Or whether you were pleasing to the Lord?
We live in a performance-driven world, and it is very easy to live as performance-driven Christians. Many of us have lived with grace in our heads but not in our hearts. We talk grace, but deep down we wonder if we measure up.
Have you ever heard anyone deride the Christian Faith as a fairy tale?
Or claim that there’s no evidence for it at all?
Mock that it’s a whole lot of hot air? Complete rubbish?
Would you have the faintest idea how to answer such charges?
Or perhaps you are the one who has made these claims.
Then this book is for you.