The Covenant of Grace

The Opposition

All the CS’s had lined up. (See previous post “Common Sense” etc.) But often when there is an open door the enemy will oppose it. Or sometimes the opposition seems to come from God. There is a wide open door,… Read More »The Opposition

Compelling Spirit

In my last post on “Guidance” I described how the door opened again for me to make an application to St John’s College for the post of senior chaplain. Of the five CS’s, CIRCUMSTANTIAL SIGNS had had its box ticked.… Read More »Compelling Spirit

The Five CS’S

So exactly how does God guide us? Nicky Gumbel in his brilliant book “Questions of Life” talks about the five CS’s.* Circumstantial Signs, Common Sense, Commanding Scripture, Compelling Spirit and Counsel of the Saints. When I was school chaplain at… Read More »The Five CS’S

Guiding Us

How does God guide us? For so many young people this is a burning question. My headmaster said to me, “There are two major decisions everyone faces in life. The first is a decision about who you marry. The second… Read More »Guiding Us